#E75 College Showcase Central 2024 Recap - The Guards pt. 2

Thursday, June 27th, 2024

#E75 College Showcase Central 2024 Recap - The Guards pt. 2

Concluding our Elite 75 recap of the College Showcase, we'll take a look at more of the loaded field of guards. Thank you to all of those who made the effort to follow along with the recaps or attended in person. We truly appreciate your support and strive to continue to be a platform to help prospects get seen by college coaches.


Our next showcase will take place down at Spooky Nook, and for those who are around and looking for exposure to the Mid-Atlantic region, we hope you would consider coming out!


Now, let's look at more of the guards:


Theo Moore, Bridgton -  Incoming Bridgton Academy postgrad Theo Moore put on one of the most complete perfomrances at the ZGXL summit last month, and stood out once again. He's a gritty, high-motor guard that navigates the floor with good vision to faciliate for others, or get looks around the basket.


Justice Hanna, Kingswood Oxford -  Hanna brings good left-handed touch in the mid-range and on corner threes, and does a good job of getting into paint with quickness to finish of the glass or dish it out.


Anthony Thompson, Northwest Catholic -  The Northwest Catholic point guard is one of the fastest players on the court, flying past defenders to score at the bucket, jumps lanes with good timing for steals and makes smart passes.


Jakob Reyes, Bishop Hendricken -  The RI native scores it from long-range off the catch and pull-ups. He times backdoor cuts well, uses active hands to grab steals and makes the ocassional chase down block.


Max Albinson, Phillips Exeter -  The Reigning Class A champions three-point shooting stroke caught our eye. He gets into shots with a fluid motion and converts, while also making good reads as a passer.


Aston Whittingham, SMSA -  Whittingham made his mark as an electric slasher to the basket with impressive pop towards the rim and above average passing vision to get his teammates involved.


Morris Lichtenstein, CRLS -  Lichtenstein is a shooting threat from three-point range that can get things rolling. He has a quick release on catch and shoot attempts and thrives from the left side of the arc.


Patrick Cranson, Middletown -  Cranson is a dynamic athlete who plays hard. He has a smooth stepback three, and converts inventive finishes at the rim. The point guard has a package of moves to get around closing out defenders in the paint using his tight handle and defends well.


Hayden Crowley, Attleboro -  The DB Elite guard has had some very impressive shooting performances this spring, and once again showed that at the ELite 75. Crowley can stop in an instant to load up for three-point attempts and kncoks them down with efficiency. Colleges should take note.


Owen Boudria, Wesport -  Boudria has a budding reputation of Westport HS as a big-time scorer and impressed at the showcase. He has sneaky bounce towards the rim, finishes through contact at the basket, and competes on the offensive glass.


Leon Cargoe, Cuffee -  The RI native's craft with the ball stood out as he kept defenders off balance with his shiftiness. He scores it well in traffic and gives opposing guards a hard time when he's playing defense.


Michael DeOrsey, North Kingstown -  DeOrsey has some strong guard skills being able to read the defense and thread passes through tight gaps to get teammates open. He operates well out of the pick-and-roll and creates good shot attempts for himself and others.


Klaudius Skehel, St. Mark's -  The St. Mark's guard makes a strong impact on the defensive end, crowding lanes, coralling steals and using his quick feet to keep the ball in front.


Jaden Givens, LaSalle -  Givens made his mark on the Elite 75 College Showcase as a lead guard that brings innate passing vision, unselfishness, shooting and strong defense to the table.


Dominick LaDuca, Putnam Science -  Incoming Putnam Science 2026 Dominick Laduca makes a big impact as a shorter lead guard with a tight handle, quickness and getting downhill past defenders.


Jude Gonzalez, Putnam Science -  The Putnam Science product is a strong shooting threat that excels off-the-catch, but can accelarate to get downhill and stop on a dime for pull-ups, or get to the basket.


Amir Panagiotis, Darrow -  The Incoming 2026 at Darrow played well at the Elite 75. Panagiotis brings quick twitch to the guard spot to keep defenders off balance and score in a variety of ways, or flick quick passes to open teammates.


Hayden Maynard, PHH Prep -  Flying in from Arizona, Maynard's strong guard play stood out. He made a number of shots in the lane with an impressive euro step move, remains composed under pressure, and runs the floor in transition.


Donovan Lee, Newman -  Incoming Newman postgrad Donovan Lee stood out as a particularly effective guard in the pick and roll, getting around the screen and knocking down shots from the created separation.


Ezayi Mauristhene, South Kent -  Mauristhene was a standout at the Frosh/Soph this past fall and looks bound to keep rising as a guard in the class of 2026. He brings a crafty skillset to get by opposing guards, as well as finishing strong in traffic and absorbing contact on floaters.


Devon Hanavan, Berkshire -  The Berkshire guard plays with a high motor and exerts all of his energy on the floor. He made some impressive passes, threading the ball through gaps to open teammates and finished shots around the basket.


Manny Brown, Monument Mountain -  Brown is just scratching the surface of his potential, and has been working hard with his older brother Dion (UMBC/Boston College). Brown relocates well to get open for three's and releases the ball at it's highest point to hit shots over contesting defenders.


Nick Barnes, Saint John's -  Nick Barnes caught our eye as a good post defender at the guard spot. He runs the floor well in transition, converts tough finishes with his left hand and packs a good crossover move.


Erik Graves, Monsignor Scanlan -  Graves stood out to our scouts as a heady guard with above average floor vision to facilaite the offense and create looks for his teammates.


Brendan McDonald, Somerset Berkley -  McDonald's head up game at the point guard position caught our attention. He sees the floor well to make smart passes, excels in DHO's and knocks down spot up three's.


Griffin Sward, South Kingstown -  Sward is a tough penetrating guard who finishes through contact but can also scoop and finger roll. He also shows good touch on jumpers.


Dominic Rodriguez, East Longmeadow -  Rodriguez jumpstarts the offense with his timely backdoor cuts to the basket and finishes at the rim through contact. He is also a notable shooting threat off the catch.


Jackson Handley, Shrewsbury -  Handley's a strong secondary scoring threat at the guard spot that can convert at all three levels, excelling from three and in the mid-range.


Julius Garcia, Putnam Tech -  The unsigned senior stood out using his length on drives to the basket and convert at the rim, and does a good job of setting his body on spot up jumpers.


Brandon Nicastro, King Philip -  Nicastro gets downhill, and finishes through contact. He is an above average three-point shooter on the move and stationary, off the bounce and catch, and makes good reads on defense.


Josh Wallace, Weston (CT) -  Wallace caught our eye with his high feel for the game limiting turnovers and keeping the ball on his hip with his tight handle.


Jayden Kim, Kent's Hill -  The Kent's Hill product has a knack for hitting threes off the bounce, and brings good lateral movement as on ball defender.


Max Pires, Shrewsbury -  Pires caught our eye with his defensive tenacity playing tough defense in isos and a running motor.


Matthew Myette, North Reading -  The North Reading guard stood out as a strong fadeaway shooter on jumpers and gets into the paint when he wants to.


Tyler Jordan, Windham -  Jordan knocks down three's off the catch with a good rhythm dribble. He hits three's off the bounce and has sneaky hands on defense to force steals and tips.


Braeden Elnicki, Cheshire -  Elnicki brings nice form on catch and shoot threels. He can also take a rhythm bounce to relocate and hit, as well as block shots with his longer wingspan.


Colby Hurlock, Hall -  Hurlock is a true catch and shoot threat, with excellent form and energy transfer in his pull-up. He attacks the paint off drives, plays well of two feet, and makes nice drop-off passes.