Dingba’s Move to 2014 Reshuffles Rankings

New England Recruiting Report | Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Dingba’s Move to 2014 Reshuffles Rankings

In a story that was first reported by ESPN.com, Samuel Dingba announced on Wednesday that he would be staying at Salisbury School for a post-graduate year after graduating in the class of 2013 as planned.  

The move had nothing to do with basketball - he should be a full qualifier after this season and had over two dozen scholarship offers in 2013 - and everything to do with preparing himself academically for college after arriving in the United States little more than two years ago when he barely spoke any English.    

Nonetheless, there will be undeniable recruiting implications as Dingba will now be recruited as a member of the class of 2014.  He attracted a variety of Atlantic 10 offers and some high-major recruitment in 2013, but that should only increase with another year of continued development.  

From a ranking perspective, Dingba moves from the 12th ranked prospect in New England’s class of 2013 to the 9th ranked prospect in New England’s class of 2014.  In Connecticut, he moves from 3rd overall in the 2013 class to 2nd overall in the class of 2014.  

The now vacant spot in New England’s 2013 rankings goes to Jonesport-Beals forward Garet Beal while Masters’ forward Austin Carter rejoins the Connecticut 2013 rankings.  

2013 and 2014 rankings will both be updated in the coming months to reflect prospects that are new to the region as of this season.