Boston Warriors/Mass Elite College Night - Event Recap

by Gideon Hamot | Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Boston Warriors/Mass Elite College Night - Event Recap

The Boston Warriors, in collaboration with Mass Elite,  held their annual College Night on Wednesday, showcasing players not just from their combined five 17u programs but also welcoming players from LOX and NE Blizz.

Here’s a look at who stood out:

Thaddeus Allen - Allen is a 6-4 combo guard who is a long athletic scorer that can also make passes form the post or around the perimeter. As a senior, he would be a great pickup for a D3 school or a prep as his upside is clear.

Jack Carey - Carey is a well-built wingman/slasher type who has the strength and size to take it to the basket. His wide frame allows him to compete in the post with bigger players and impact the game from all over the court. He’s also capable of hitting the corner three.

Chris Macdonald - Macdonald is a long and athletic guard out of Malden Catholic. He utilized his physical tools to not only get to the rim but also rebound over bigger and taller opponents. He also showed nice range on his shot.

Tyler Spencer, Pembroke - A knockdown shooter with good size, Spencer is a 6-4 wing who can score at will from anywhere on the floor. His jumper sets the table for the rest of his attack as he also attacks close-outs and has an expanding ability to pass the ball.

AJ Jaramillo - A junior out of Cardinal Spellman, Jaramillo may be a bit undersized, but he was one of the most fun players to watch Wednesday. He scored it from all ranges and was a defensive pest with his quick hands, even against the best ball-handlers.

Matt Delahunt – Coming off a standout season for a Hanover High School team that won a state championship, Delahunt is a versatile offensive threat who has a tight handle, good court vision, and the ability to make open shots.

Anthony Peacock – A 6-7 big man with a wide frame, Peacock was literally a massive surprise. He has advanced footwork with his back to the basket, knows how to clear space, and scores with ease in the post.

Julian Mincey - Another wide bodied big man, Mincey stands at 6-10 with a muscular build. A true man among boys, he eats up space, can finish over either should, and showed decent footwork in the post when given time.

Danny Seraderian - A true inside out player, Seraderian can score from long range or in the post over either shoulder. He’s also beginning to expand his ball-handling and passing skills, which could be extremely advantageous down the road.

Brandon Monheimer – Always a knock down shooter, Monheimer has developed a quicker release while expanding his other skills. Specifically, his newfound precision passing gives him the potential to move to a full time lead guard in the near future.

Chibs Onwuogu - A long 6-5 sophomore out of Peabody, Anuwogo can score inside and out. He is coordinated, fluid, and potentially still growing with some offensive tools both inside & facing the basket.

Drew Plante - A junior who is looking to re-class, Plante was one of the surprises of the night. The 6-3 combo guard is well built, has a tight handle, and can attack the basket. He also showed off a rare ability to see the court and pass for someone of his size and scoring skill.

Kani Glover - A 6-3 guard out of Catholic Memorial, Glover is a high level marksman with the ability to rain the ball down from long range. He has excellent size and speed for a guard and will be a crucial member of next year’s CM squad

Jarret Martin - Another high level guard out of CM, Martin stars both on the court and on the gridiron for the Knights. He can score it in different ways but what differentiates him is the ability to fearlessly draw contact.

Trevor McClean - A skilled guard who benefitted from competing against the best prep school team in the country every day this winter, McClean is a lights out shoots who doesn’t need much space to get it off and can also handle the ball on a string.

Pete Kapanides - The Bedford high sophomore is a true workhorse who consistently competes at a high level. He is a high level scorer who can knock down the shot from long range or sit back and distribute it across the court.