5 Things to Know about the HoopHall Prep Showcase

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

5 Things to Know about the HoopHall Prep Showcase

The inaugural HoopHall Prep Showcase tips off this weekend alongside the annual Spalding HoopHall Classic. 

Here are ten things you need to know about the first-year event. 

1. Are these different events?

Yes, the Spalding HoopHall Classic is the same event that has existed for over a decade now and generally considered to be the top high school event in the country. The HoopHall Prep Showcase is a new sister event, designed to bring even more teams, talent, college coaches, and national media attention to Springfield this weekend. 

2. Where is it located?

The HoopHall Prep Showcase will take place at American International College, which is less than two miles from Springfield College's Blake Arena, where the Spalding HoopHall Classic takes place. 

3. Does one ticket work for both events?

No. Tickets for the HoopHall Prep Showcase must be bought at the door at AIC and do not grant you admission to Springfield College. 

4. Who is playing?

The HoopHall Prep Showcase is a prep school event, which is hosting top programs not just from New England but also as far south as Florida and as far west as California. Additionally, international teams will be in attendance from Canada and Africa. 

5. What days does the event take place?

The event tips on Friday, a day before the Spalding HoopHall Classic's national slate begins, and continues through the day on Sunday. 

6. How many games will be played?

There will be a total of 41 games played across the course of the three days. This event is also unique because there will be two games played at once as AIC has two separate gyms under one roof, allowing fans, media, and college coaches alike a more efficient viewing experience. 

7. Who is expected to attend?

The event is expected to attend numerous college coaches, NBA scouts, fans, and national media including ESPN, 247 Sports, and Rivals among others. 

8. What is the full schedule?