Pittsburgh Jam Fest Recap

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Pittsburgh Jam Fest Recap

After recapping the three national sneaker circuits yesterday, today it's time to turn our focus to what the top non-sneaker teams did during the live period and for the vast majority of them, it meant a trip to Pittsburgh for the Hoop Group Jam Fest. 

As usual, New England was well-represented at the event. 

Of the 96 teams competing in the elite division, both WrightWay Skills and Middlesex Magic advanced to the Elite 8 while D.C. Blue Devils made it to the round of 16. 

WrightWay knocked off Magic White, We-R1 and Ohio Rebels before falling to Crown 55-53. Middlesex Magic beat PTT Blue and PK Flash before suffering an equally narrow loss at the hands of NJ Roadrunners, 48-45. The Magic had four players score in double figures - Will Dorion, Tyler Kolek, George Smith, & Jack Poirier - in their final win over PK Flash. Anthony Kabala, Kam Ferris, Tyler Whitney-Sidney, and Myles Foster all added new offers from WrightWay Skills while Jake Glezen committed to Monmouth a day later. 

The Middlesex Magic took the championship in the u16 division with Matt Mulvey and Will Batchedler playing starring roles. 

The Hoop Group named WrightWay Skills' Kam Ferris, DC Blue Devils' Bok Akot, RI Elite's Tyrone Victor, and Middlesex Magic's Sam Thomson among their day 1 standouts.