2023 Frosh/Soph Elite 75 List Announced

Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

2023 Frosh/Soph Elite 75 List Announced

It's been over a month since the Frosh/Soph Elite 75, and we're excited to finally release the names of the Elite 75 players who stood out from the loaded field. Over 300 participants took part in the event, which spanned two days in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Players from every state in New England, plus New York, were represented, and the competition was fierce. In the end, these 75 players emerged as the cream of the crop. We are eager to see where this group ends up over the next three to four years. If anything is evident from the difficulty of putting this list together with such a vast pool of talent, it’s that New England basketball is in very good hands moving forward.

Abdou Toure

Alex Egbuonu

Andre Langley

Antonio Pemberton

Cade Rutkoske

Caleb Ourigou

Cameron Hailey

Chad Cook

Chris Powell

Cole Blackburn

Coley Mark

Collins Chidera Onyejiaka

Devin Sone

DJ Biggins

DJ Hawkins

Drew Carlson

Dywane Chess

Eliezer Delbrey

Elijah Avery-Turner

Elijah Ibidapo

Emmanuel Lawrence

Ethan Njenga

Ezayi Mauristhene

Foster Wilinski

Francisco Santana

Hunter Peabody

Ikenna Okafor

Isiah Rose

Jack Olinto

Jackson Southerland

Jasiah Jervis

Jayden Harrington

Jaylen Hunter-Coleman

Jeff Mitchell

Jervon Brown

Ji Gary

Josh Bergeron

Josiah Adamson-Hardwick

Kamsi Awaka

Keyshon Joyner

Kosi Udeh

Ladanion Payne

Liam Henaghen

L.J. Reddicks

Max Kellogg

Mekai Brown

Micheal McNamara

Mohamed Camara

Nelson Mboudjika

Nick Sangermano

Noah Walker

Otis Crosby

Patrick Costello

Patrick Otey

Peter Uzgiris

Preston Bollin

Quinn Costello

Reece Ayala

Riley Clarke

Rokas Zilys

Rowan Introzzi

Ryan Bernard

Ryan McLaughlin

Sage Baptiste

Sam Fleming

Seven Pridgen

Spencer Booth

Ty Tabales

Tyler Newsom

Tysen Teixeira

Vincent Osazee

Warren Keel

William Carty

Windston Legentus

Xavier Sanchez