2019 Prep Transfer List

Sunday, August 25th, 2019

2019 Prep Transfer List

NERR's Zack Sandberg always monitors the coming and goings for the coming school year and has his latest edition of the Prep Transfer List below, which now includes 200 names. 

Any additions or corrections should be sent to zcksndbrg@gmail.com or @ZackSandberg on twitter. 

Post Graduates:

Connor Barrett - from Loyola (IL) to Brewster (NH)
Demarr Langford - from Putnam Science (CT) to Brewster (NH)
Jack Brown - from Salesianum (DE) to Brewster (NH)
Javohn Garcia - from Pickerington Central (OH) to Brewster (NH)
Kadary Richmond - from South Shore (NY) to Brewster (NH)
Chris Camille - from Brookline (MA) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Myles Corey - from Diamond Bar (CA) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Billie Sheikh - from West Seattle (WA) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Bruce Saintilus - from King Philip (MA) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Scott Graffam - from Falls Church (VA) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Kory Winch - from Hampden (NH) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Bryson Andrews - from Abington (MA) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Mark Barrett - from Brookline (MA) to Bridgton Academy (ME)
Matt Becker - from Fairfield Warde (CT) to New Hampton (NH)
Christian Davis - from Mullen (CO) to New Hampton (NH)
Mohammed Alausa - from Chicago U (IL) to New Hampton (NH)
Sam Silverstein - from New Trier (IL) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Zach Taylor - from St. Stephen’s (TX) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Jack Shannon - from Iona Prep (NY) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Elijah Perry - from Holy Cross (NY) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Chris Manon - from St. Joseph’s (NJ) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Andy Christos - from Madison (NJ) to Vermont Academy (VT)
CJ Jones - from Loyola (CA) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Raphe Ayres - from Maret (DC) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Blake Whitelaw - from Denver (CO) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Joel Pullen - from Wilbur Cross (CT) to Lee Academy (ME)
Terrell Ard - from Allatoona (GA) to Putnam Science (CT)
DMaurian Williams - from Westview (AZ) to Putnam Science (CT)
Jai Redd - from Cox (VA) to Putnam Science (CT)
Mekhi Gray - from South Kent (CT) to Putnam Science (CT)
Johnnie Williams - from Booker (FL) to Putnam Science (CT)
Femi Odukale - from South Shore (NY) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Enoch Cheeks - from Putnam Science (CT) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Chad Venning - from MacDuffie (MA) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Cairo McCrory - from Masters (CT) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Nahshon Battle - from Union Catholic (NJ) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Grevaughn Goodman - from Homestead (FL) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Trevor Green - from Lansingburgh (NY) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Noel Scott - from Washington Prep (CA) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Hakan West - from Cambridge R&L (MA) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Lawrence Foreman - from Windsor (CT) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Joe Moon - from Westland (MI) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Jehloni James - from Lanier (GA) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Cam Rowland - from Mountain View (GA) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Dyondre Dominguez - from Providence (RI) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Jaylin Palmer - from East Hartford (CT) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
David Jones - from Sacramento (CA) to Woodstock Academy (CT)
Nick Button - from Syracuse (NY) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Kenny Wilburn - from Bishop McNamara (MD) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Logo Zervos - from Morgantown (WV) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Giovanni Rubino - from Pequannock (NJ) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Coby Gold - from Kent Denver (CO) to Cushing (MA)
Isaiah Gray - from Martin Luther King (NY) to Cushing (MA)
Clay Bolster - from Trinity School (NY) to Cushing (MA)
Andrew Hartel - from Cape Elizabeth (ME) to Kimball Union (NH)
Jarron Flynn - from Gould Academy (ME) to Kimball Union (NH)
Robert McRae - from Gould Academy (ME) to Kimball Union (NH)
Evan Young - from St. Andrew’s (RI) to The Master’s School (CT)
Ashanti Haywood - from Yarmouth (ME) to Proctor Academy (NH)
Darren Watson - from North Andover (MA) to Proctor Academy (NH)
Jake McElroy - from North Andover (MA) to Proctor Academy (NH)
Julian Wilson - from Richardson (TX) to Tilton School (NH)
Hollman Smith - from Mason (VA) to Tilton School (NH)
Luke Bitters - from Calvary Chapel Academy (MA) to South Kent (CT)
Wrenn Robinson - from St. Ignatius Prep (CA) to South Kent (CT)
Cam Stiepock - from Glastonbury (CT) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Evan Gutowski - from Trumbull (CT) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Ryan Biberon - from Wilton (CT) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Sean James - from Kingswood Oxford (CT) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Sean Duke - from Classical (RI) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Djordje Orcev - from Montgomery (MD) to Winchendon (MA)
Sam Towns - from Springfield (OH) to Winchendon (MA)
Jay Rodgers - from Springfield (OH) to Winchendon (MA)
Max Brown - from Bishop Laughlin (NY) to Winchendon (MA)
Joe Novelli - from Monty Tech (MA) to Winchendon (MA)
Justin Kirkpatrick - from Apple Valley (CA) to Winchendon (MA)
Darragh O’Sullivan - from Tralee Warriors (IRE) to Winchendon (MA)
Keller Boothby - from Prestonwood Christian (TX) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Keyshawn Collier - from Endsworth School (TN) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Cinque Stephens - from Prestonwood Christian (TX) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Noah Semple - from Bishop Kenny (FL) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Jordan Redford - from Hamden (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
Fabian Cox - from Hamden (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
Jordan Williams - from Career (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
James Van Hise - from Amity Regional (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
AJ Edwards - from Amistad (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
Kyle Daniels - from Wilbur Cross (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
Gaeley Etienne - from Sacred Heart (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
DJ Ransom - from Wilcox Tech (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
John Lukau - from Naugatuck (CT) to NDWH Prep (CT)
Brody Grebe - from Melstone (MT) to Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Ryan Zambie - from Plano West (TX) to Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
James Steinberger - from Sanford (DE) to Deerfield (MA)
Vasja Pandza - from Kiski (PA) to Hotchkiss (CT)
RJ Blakney - from St. Maria Goretti (MD) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Hunter Lane - from Georgetown (MA) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Noah Dinkins - from TDACH (NC) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Henry Meyers - from Blair (NJ) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Declan Porter - from HC Williams (NY) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Neil Owens - from Loyola (CA) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Ben Harding - from Lee (MA) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Niko Bossinakis - from Colleyville Heritage (TX) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Nick Bray - from Kingswood-Oxford (CT) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Will Rolapp - from Darien (CT) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Aaron Latham - from Glastonbury (CT) to Taft (CT)
Mike Ramos - from Bloomfield (NJ) to Taft (CT)
Ronnie Toole - from Hill School (PA) to Trinity Pawling (NY)
Justin Archer - from Union Catholic (NJ) to Trinity Pawling (NY)
Wol Maiwen - from Edward Little (ME) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Cooper Creek - from Bishop Connelly (MA) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Dylan Ward - from Staples (ME) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Billy Whelan - from Hamilton-Wenham (MA) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Bryce Howard - from St. Mary’s (CA) to Pomfret (CT)
Jon Kazor - from Georgetown Prep (MD) to Pomfret (CT)
Michael Graham - from Xaverian (NY) to Canterbury (CT)
Kai Kostmayer - from Pomperaug (CT) to Gould (ME)
Chris Pannella - from Greenwich (CT) to Gunnery (CT)
Clayton Erickson - from New Lebanon (NY) to Gunnery (CT)
Connor Keegan - from Groton-Dunstable (MA) to Holderness (NH)
Jarell White - from Bellport (NY) to Hyde (ME)
Angel Price-Espada - from Pope John (MA) to Hyde (ME)
Aaron Nkrumah - from Worcester South (MA) to Marianapolis (CT)
Athiel Bol - from Trinity (NH) to Berwick Academy (ME)
Tyreek Davis - from Torrington (CT) to Forman School (CT)
Trey Hall - from New London (CT) to Link Year Prep (MO)
Ben Onek - from Deering (ME) to Phelps (PA)
Danny Dade - from Woodstock (CT) to Phelps (PA)
Kam Farris - from Tabor Academy (MA) to Redemption Christian (NY)
Brendan Hamilton - from Worcester Tech (MA) to Redemption Christian (NY)
Omar Rowe - from Sacred Heart (CT) to Taylor-Made Academy (FL)

Incoming Seniors:

Matt Cross - from Woodstock (CT) to Brewster (NH)
Jake Nichols - from Boys Latin (MD) to Brewster (NH)
Josh Gray - from Knox School (NY) to Putnam Science (CT)
Vondre Chase - from Beaver Country Day (MA) to Woodstock (CT)
Aidan Carpenter - from Hyde (ME) to Lee Academy (ME)
Enoch Cheeks - from Putnam Science (CT) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
James Kamich - from Redemption Christian (MA) to Proctor Academy (NH)
DeAndre Ortiz - from Marianapolis (CT) to Deerfield (MA)
Sean Durugordon - from J. Adams (NY) to Canterbury (CT)
Brett Hutchinson - from Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) to Notre Dame West Haven (CT)

Repeat Juniors:

Derrius Ward - from Sankofa (PA) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Clayton McLaren - from Brockton (MA) to Brimmer & May (MA)
Reece Quezada - from Rockland (MA) to Brimmer & May (MA)
Niko Petrotoulos - from East Catholic (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Matt Price - from Brookline (MA) to Kimball Union (NH)
Quinn Guth - from Immaculate (CT) to Kimball Union (NH)
Rob Brown - from Albany Academy (NY) to Kimball Union (NH)
Peyton Springfield - from Conant (NH) to Winchendon (MA)
Mason Romano - from Newington (CT) to Winchendon (MA) 
Brian Nussbaum - from John Jay (NY) to Winchendon (MA)
Leo Chaikin - from Rice (VT) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Anthony Clayton - from Shaker (NY) to Avon Old Farms (CT)
Liam Dunfee - from St. John’s Prep (MA) to Governor’s (MA)
Drew Sachs - from Greenhills School (MI) to Governor’s (MA)
Jake Daly - from Millbrook (NY) to Kent School (CT)
Zach Garrant - from Poughkeepsie (NY) to Kent School (CT)
Pierce Prendergast - from Bayport (NY) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Elliyas Delaire - from Granby Memorial (CT) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Seth Caslin - from Westbrook (CT) to Millbrook (NY)
Nick Benton - from Niskayuna (NY) to Millbrook (NY)
Michael O’Keefe - from Wakefield (MA) to Milton Academy (MA)
Graham Robinson - from Concord Carlisle (MA) to St. Paul’s (NH)
Elijah White - from Bridgehampton (NY) to St. Paul’s (NH)
Clifton Goode - from Riverbend (VA) to St. Paul’s (NH)
Charles-Andree Robert - from College Bourget (CAN) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Griffin Walbridge - from Longmeadow (MA)  to Tabor Academy (MA)
Tanner Thomas - from Amity Regional (CT) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Babou Ba - from Ermitage International (FRA) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Tarese Morse - from Springfield Central (MA) to Gould (ME)
Jack Richard - from Nashoba Regional (MA) to Rivers (MA)
George Smith - from Central Catholic (MA) to Brooks (MA)
Mike Iuzzolino - from North Allegheny (PA) to Canterbury (CT)
Sam Maged - from Los Angeles (CA) to Greens Farms (CT)
Eli Swanson - from Interlakes (NH) to Holderness (NH)
Michael Levesque - from Narragansett (RI) to Marianapolis (CT)
Gabe Charleston - from Cromwell (CT) to Westminster (CT)
Parker Mason - from Portsmouth (RI) to Rocky Hill (RI)
Adrian Quezada - from Rockland (MA) to Austin Prep (MA)
Cam Dunbury - from Falmouth (MA) to Phelps (PA)
Max Edwards - from Bunnell (CT) to OSL (NY)

Incoming Juniors:

Alex Tchikou - from Findlay Prep (NV) to Brewster (NH)
Ryan Banks - from Gould (ME) to Kimball Union (NH)
Jayden Brown - from Coyle & Cassidy (MA) to Tilton (NH)
Robbie Stankard - from Groton (MA) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Aaron Cooley - from Thayer (MA) to Beaver Country Day (MA)
Thompson Hyland - from Canterbury (CT) to American Heritage (FL)

Repeat Sophomores:

Kyle Squires - from Tabor Academy (MA) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Ty Higgins - from Monument Mountain (MA) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Isaiah Earl - from Hamden (CT) to Lee Academy (ME)
Dean Haggett - from Londonderry (NH) to Bradford Christian (MA)
Cole Wissink - from Amity (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Dayion Thompson - from Beacon (NY) to Kimball Union (NH)
Emile Rioux - from Anjou (CAN) to Kimball Union (NH)
Ty Chan - from Lowell (MA) to Lawrence Academy (MA)
Preston Murphy - from Elkhorn South (NE) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Kyle Filipowski - from Fordham Prep (NY) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Matt Filipowski - from Fordham Prep (NY) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Sean Seymour - from Shaker (NY) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Abduallah Mahamed - from Foxboro Charter (MA) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Daniel Becil - from Poly Prep (NY) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Kenneth Soares - from St. Luke’s (CT) to Avon Old Farms (CT)
Jack Johnson - from IMG (FL) to Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Jeremiah Paul - from St. John Bosco (CA) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Bube Momah - from Farmington (CT) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Josh Morissette - from Exeter (NH) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Brendan McNamara - from Arlington (MA) to Noble’s (MA)
James Mathus - from Darien (CT) to Salisbury (CT)
Miles Fiore - from Wheeler (RI) to St. George’s (RI)
James Morakis - from Long Island Lutheran (NY) to St. Paul’s (NH)
Gabe Spinelli - from Watertown (MA) to Beaver Country Day (MA)
Trevor MacDonald - from Pomfret (CT) to Canterbury (CT)
Will Batchelder - from St. John’s (MA) to Governor’s (MA)
Kalu Anya - from Doherty Memorial (MA) to Governor’s (MA)
Onyera Chibuogwu - from Methuen (MA) to Middlesex School (MA)
Jackson Mckersie - from Millis (MA) to Dexter Southfield (MA)
Jabari Nurse - from Wayland (MA) to Lexington Christian (MA)
Kyle Cuffe - from Avon Old Farms (CT) to Blair (NJ)
Justin Covington - from ND West Haven (CT) to St. Luke’s (CT)

Incoming Sophomores:

Kyle Hicks - from Fessenden (MA) to New Hampton (NH)
Alex Karaban - from Algonquin (MA) to New Hampton (NH)
Rowan Brumbaugh - from St. Albans (DC) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Keyonte Beals - from Rectory (CT) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Chisom Okpara - from Brunswick (CT) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Tate Matte - from Keene (NH) to Proctor Academy (NH)
Jean Marc Togodgue - from Indian Mountain (CT) to Salisbury (CT) 
Harrison Hochberg - from Fessenden (MA) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Tyler McLaughlin-Darcy - from Fessenden (MA) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Alijah Lovelace - from Cardigan Mountain (NH) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Flynt Whitworth - from Rectory (CT) to Tabor Academy (MA)
Gabriel Fitzgerald - from Rectory (CT) to Brooks (MA)
Caleb Williams - from Rectory (CT) to Marianapolis (CT)
Eddie Fisher - from Worcester Academy (MA) to St. John’s (MA)
Nathaniel Zawoiski - from Rectory (CT) to Blair Academy (NJ)
Samir McElroy - from Rectory (CT) to Episcopal School (VA)
Oliver Hutchinson - from Loomis Chaffee (CT) to Hill School (PA)
Shy Odom - from Beaver Country Day (MA) to Sierra Canyon (CA)

Repeat Freshmen:

Omela Mudogo - from Hillside (MA) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Jonathan Guerrier - from Lexington Christian (MA) to Cushing Academy (MA)
Liam Kennelly - from Rye (NY) to Millbrook (NY)
Ethan Madeiros - from Somersfield (BER) to Millbrook (NY)
Gavin Carter - from BC High (MA) to Milton Academy (MA)
Joe Thomas - from Springfield Central (MA) to Tabor (MA)
Landon Printz - from Rumsey Hall (CT) to Taft (CT)
Holden Symonds - from Melrose (MA) to Governor’s Academy (MA)
Gavin Griffiths - from Simsbury (CT) to Kingswood Oxford (CT)
Elijah Kinney - from Medfield (MA) to River’s (MA)
Ne’John Fortes - from Greater New Bedford (MA) to St. George’s (RI)
Owen Moreira - from St. John’s (MA) to Rectory School (CT)
Ryder Andersen - from Providence (RI) to Rectory (CT)

Recruits in Article

Josh Morissette 2022 Josh Morissette
Gabe Charleston 2021 Gabe Charleston
Jayden Brown 2021 Jayden Brown
David Jones 2020 David Jones
Chris Manon 2020 Chris Manon
Myles Corey 2020 Myles Corey
Lawrence Foreman 2020 Lawrence Foreman
Sean James 2020 Sean James
Chad Venning 2020 Chad Venning
Andrew Hartel 2020 Andrew Hartel
Kyle Daniels 2020 Kyle Daniels
Jake McElroy 2020 Jake McElroy
Jean Marc Togodgue 2022 Jean Marc Togodgue
Jackson McKersie 2022 Jackson McKersie
Sean Seymour 2022 Sean Seymour
Holden Symonds 2023 Holden Symonds
Brendan McNamara 2022 Brendan McNamara
Tanner Thomas 2021 Tanner Thomas
Graham Robinson 2021 Graham Robinson
Mohammed Alausa 2020 Mohammed Alausa
Elijah Perry 2020 Elijah Perry
Javohn Garcia 2020 Javohn Garcia
Angel Price-Espada 2020 Angel Price-Espada
Andy Christos 2020 Andy Christos
Mekhi Gray 2020 Mekhi Gray
Deandre Ortiz 2020 Deandre Ortiz
Jarron Flynn 2020 Jarron Flynn
DYondre Dominguez 2020 DYondre Dominguez
Keyonte Beals 2023 Keyonte Beals
Chisom Okpara 2022 Chisom Okpara
Matt Filipowski 2022 Matt Filipowski
Gavin Carter 2023 Gavin Carter
Cole Wissink 2022 Cole Wissink
Cam Dunbury 2020 Cam Dunbury
Tarese Morse 2020 Tarese Morse
Christian Davis 2020 Christian Davis
Josh Gray 2020 Josh Gray
Jack Brown 2020 Jack Brown
Jarell White 2020 Jarell White
Athiei Bol 2020 Athiei Bol
Kai Kostmayer 2020 Kai Kostmayer
Aidan Carpenter 2020 Aidan Carpenter
Sean Duke 2020 Sean Duke
Vondre Chase 2020 Vondre Chase
Caleb Williams 2022 Caleb Williams
Jack Johnson 2022 Jack Johnson
Kyle Filipowski 2022 Kyle Filipowski
Flynt Whitworth 2023 Flynt Whitworth
Alex Karaban 2022 Alex Karaban
Leo Chaikin 2021 Leo Chaikin
Aaron Cooley 2021 Aaron Cooley
Blake Whitelaw 2020 Blake Whitelaw
Terrell Ard 2020 Terrell Ard
Jake Nichols 2020 Jake Nichols
Connor Barrett 2020 Connor Barrett
Bryson Andrews 2020 Bryson Andrews
AJ Edwards 2020 AJ Edwards
James Kamich 2020 James Kamich
Nick Bray 2020 Nick Bray
Chris Camille 2020 Chris Camille
Dan Becil 2022 Dan Becil
Jeremiah Paul 2022 Jeremiah Paul
Rowan Brumbaugh 2022 Rowan Brumbaugh
Omela Mudogo 2022 Omela Mudogo
Kenneth Soares 2022 Kenneth Soares
Max Edwards 2021 Max Edwards
Jack Richard 2021 Jack Richard
Raphe Ayres 2020 Raphe Ayres
Johnnie Williams 2020 Johnnie Williams
Kadary Richmond 2020 Kadary Richmond
CJ Jones 2020 CJ Jones
Keller Boothby 2020 Keller Boothby
Tyreek Davis 2020 Tyreek Davis
DeMarr Langford 2020 DeMarr Langford
Matt Cross 2020 Matt Cross
James Van Hise 2019 James Van Hise
James Morakis 2022 James Morakis
Justin Covington 2022 Justin Covington
Alijah Lovelace 2023 Alijah Lovelace
Kyle Squires 2022 Kyle Squires
Derrius Ward 2020 Derrius Ward
George Smith 2021 George Smith
Clay Bolster 2020 Clay Bolster
Hollman Smith 2020 Hollman Smith
DMaurian Williams 2020 DMaurian Williams
Billy Whelan 2020 Billy Whelan
Sam Silverstein 2020 Sam Silverstein
Ryan Biberon 2020 Ryan Biberon
Mark Barrett 2020 Mark Barrett
Kam Farris 2020 Kam Farris
Enoch Cheeks 2020 Enoch Cheeks
Ben Onek 2019 Ben Onek
Kyle Cuffe 2021 Kyle Cuffe
Ty Higgins 2022 Ty Higgins
Tate Matte 2022 Tate Matte
Bube Momah 2022 Bube Momah
Jake Daly 2021 Jake Daly
Robbie Stankard 2021 Robbie Stankard
Isaiah Gray 2020 Isaiah Gray
Julian Wilson 2020 Julian Wilson
Zach Taylor 2020 Zach Taylor
Wrenn Robinson 2020 Wrenn Robinson
Cooper Creek 2020 Cooper Creek
Fabian Cox 2020 Fabian Cox
Wol Maiwen 2020 Wol Maiwen
Trey Hall 2020 Trey Hall
Matt Becker 2020 Matt Becker
Isaiah Earl 2022 Isaiah Earl
Eddie Fisher 2023 Eddie Fisher
Miles Fiore 2022 Miles Fiore
Jonathan Guerrier 2023 Jonathan Guerrier
Shy Odom 2022 Shy Odom
Parker Mason 2021 Parker Mason
Eli Swanson 2021 Eli Swanson
Noel Scott 2020 Noel Scott
Jack Shannon 2020 Jack Shannon
Bruce Saintilus 2020 Bruce Saintilus
Niko Bossinakis 2020 Niko Bossinakis
Luke Bitters 2020 Luke Bitters
Michael Graham 2020 Michael Graham
Aaron Latham 2020 Aaron Latham
Joel Pullen 2020 Joel Pullen
Cairo McCrory 2020 Cairo McCrory
Kyle Hicks 2022 Kyle Hicks
Will Batchelder 2022 Will Batchelder
Kalu Anya 2022 Kalu Anya
Owen Moreira 2023 Owen Moreira

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