2013 Stock Risers

New England Recruiting Report | Saturday, June 18th, 2011

2013 Stock Risers

On Saturday we gave you the spring’s biggest stock risers in the class of 2012, next up comes that list in 2013 where another cast of players have utilized the past three months to prove their worth:

Jared Terrell, Weymouth/New Hampton:  He may be joining the class of 2014 in the fall but he proved himself one of New England’s best in 2013 this spring.  He has the requisite physical tools with his strength and athleticism but what really separates him are his mental intangibles with toughness, great work ethic, and a killer instinct. 

Daquein McNeil, Vermont Academy:  To be fair his breakout definitely started during the high school season when he played a huge role for Vermont Academy.  He’s continued to do the same this spring, playing up with the Baltimore Stars at the u17 level, earning scholarship offers from places like Richmond, and accumulating a long list of high-major interest. 

Aaron Calixte, Stoughton:  His jump was perhaps the most unexpected as his strong spring saw him hurdle handfuls of players that were previously ahead of him en route to establishing himself as one of the better guards in the 2013 class.  He has strength and quickness to get his own offense but also knows how to distribute the ball and run a team.

Sean Obi, Green Farms Academy: He’s raw and undeveloped but he has tools that can’t be taught with size, strength, and mobility.  He’ll have coaches following him from day one this summer and that list will only continue to grow as he starts to turn potential into production against high levels of competition. 

Kahlil Dukes, Capital Prep: His talent was never in question but his stock has risen in correlation to his maturation process.  A talented scoring guard who can rain threes as well as he can create off the dribble, Dukes picks his spots much more effectively now, plays a much more efficient floor game, and even creates some for others. 

Cane Broome, East Hartford: Broome has distinguished himself this spring by proving he can score the ball and make plays against higher levels of competition.  The southpaw has a slippery dribble drive game, smooth release on his jumper, and has put points on the board in high volume at virtually every stop on the tour. 

Andrew Chrabascz, Cushing Academy:  You can’t really call it a breakout spring because Chrabascz has actually been a pillar of consistency but as time goes on he only continues to prove himself, continuing to take his game and body (he’s grown two inches) to new levels to separate himself from other frontcourt players in the class. 

Abdul-Malik Abu, Marblehead/Kimball Union: He’s another guy who will go to 2014 in the fall but he made his initial burst in recent months in the class of 2013.  Strong and athletic with a good motor and consequently productive two-way game, he’s the type of guy who thrives on physical tools right now and will only continue to increase his status with added skill. 

Other 2013  Stock Risers: Chase Daniels, Maloney; Brandon Wheeler, Trinity Catholic; John Powell, Brimmer & May; Garet Beal, Jonesport-Beals; Harrison Taggart, St. Paul’s.