Updated 2019 Rankings Released

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Akok Akok 2019

With the fall season now in the books, 2019 rankings have been updated to reflect what we've seen in the last two months. 

These changes do not yet include prospects that are new to the region, and so rankings will be expanded in late December, just prior to the first of the year, once we've had a chance to ensure we've been able to see and thoroughly evaluate all of the region's new talent. 

Until then, these rankings give a more accurate reflection of where the returning talent is heading into the winter season. 

If you missed it last week, check out some of the recent stock-risers in the 2019 class. Otherwise, click any of the links below to see to updated rankings in New England as well as all six states. 

New England Class of 2019

Connecticut Class of 2019

Massachusetts Class of 2019

Maine Class of 2019

New Hampshire Class of 2019

Rhode Island Class of 2019

Vermont Class of 2019