New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Shyheim Hicks - 6'2 G/F - 2017 - Brockton, MA - CBC - Shyheim Hicks raised eyebrows all afternoon with his combination of speed, size, athleticism, skill-set, intensity, smooth body-movement and understanding of the game.  Shyheim attacked the basket from the wing at aggressive angles throughout the afternoon, scoring the ball consistently in the half-court and going on a shopping-spree in transition.  Wo knows what will happen in terms of how he develops physically, but there is no question that Shyheim Hicks has a chance to be a star.  Shy will run with Reggie Hatchett's 2017 CBC Squad this spring.

Danny Ampofo - 6'0 G - 2017 - West Haven, CT - CT Elite - Punishing lead guard who just turned 13..Uses his powerful frame to bully his way to the bucket, where he'll look to create and then finish through contact.  In addition to his North/South Jerome Bettis-style dribble drive attack, Ampofo will keep defenders off balance by mixing in some shake and bake flavor, and at times, checking down into his developing in-lane pull-up game. Handles the ball well and uses his wide-body frame as a fortress to protect his dribble.  Physical defender who will body up on the wing and get into the space of opposing perimeter scorers. Need to get a better look at his shooting stroke, range potential, play-making ability, and foot-speed, but no doubt DA has the potential to develop into a back-court player who opposing guards dred playing against. Ampofo is yet another guys on a problematic CT Elite 2017 Team.

Joe Wallace - 6'3 F - 2016 - Algonquin HS - Shooting Stars - Could have just as easily been the first cat written up; with his size, strength, athleticism, toughness, tenacity, and motor, Wallace was one of the most impressive forwards at the 75, scoring the ball in a variety of ways and dominating in transition. Reminds of Eric Johnson, the former Needham HS star who went on to play football at Yale and then played tight end in the NFL with the Saints and 49ers and now is married to Jessica Simpson.  Anxious to get a closer look at Wallace's shooting stroke and ball handling ability.  Regardless, this kid's a competitor we are going to hear a lot noise from in the coming years.  He'll run with Scott Leip's 2016 Shooting Stars Squadron this spring.

Chandler Jones - 6'3 G/F - 2016 - Springfield, MA - Rivals - Long, athletic wing who runs the fast-break lanes like Vincent Jackson to pursue high-voltage catch and finish opportunities at the tin.  Terrific perimeter defender who uses his wing-span, his agility, and his deft defensive instincts to to cause migraines for opposing perimeter scorers.  Jones shoots the ball well from the mid-range and am looking to get a closer look at his shooting mechanics and what type of range we're currently looking at.  Although right now he is most comfortable playing out on the wing, Jones has the potential to develop his back-court skills and morph into a bird-stretch combo guard prospect.   CJ will be rolling with Andre Stewart's 8th Grade Rivals Group this Spring.

Ross Carter - 6'4 PF - 2016 - Sudbury, MA - VBC - Rugged post-player with a big body, a soft touch, and a nice back-to-the-basket game.   Solid post-defender who eats up space in the lane and gets in the mix on the glass.  High Basketball IQ, passes well out of the post and sets ice cream shop screens for his guards. As he continues to grow, gets sttronger, and improves his conditioning, Carter has the potential  to develop into a nice big man prospect out of the Bay State.  Big Ross will patrol the middle for Julian Taylor's 2016 Squad this spring.

Jake Midura - 6'3 F - 2016 - Springfield, MA - Rivals - Spartan front-court warrior who does it all from the forward spot. Lunch-pale rebounder on both ends.  Defends multiple positions.   Sets hard screens. Flashes to open space and makes hard cuts to the rack.   Good passer who plays enthusiastic team ball.  In terms of his offensive game, if a big guy is on him, then Midura will float to the wing and go to work with his no-nonsense one-dribble drive game to the dish, where he is strong enough to finish through contact.  If a smaller defender is on him, Jake will head down-low and go to work on the block with his post-game.   As he continues to grow and his game continues to blossom, Midura has a big upside going forward.

CJ Waite - 5'8 G - 2016 - Providence - Expressions Elite - Dynamo lead guards who explodes into the lane off the bounce and looks to score the ball or create.  Highly-dangerous in transition where he imposes his speed on a helplessly retreating defense.  He'll share a back-court with Iced-Out Ike and co. on the Expressions Elite 8th grade squad this spring.

Chauncee Cheek - 5'3 G - 2016 - Brockton Mavericks - Diminutive change-up guard with stray-cat quickness and a terrific, south-paw feel for the game.  Cheek quite possibly showcased the quickest feet at the Event, darting from spot to spot on the floor like a water-spider.  Sees the court well and has nice ball-handling ability.   Red-Mosquito on-ball defender who sends opposing point guards to the bench for bug spray.  As he grows physically, becomes more consistent with his handle and his knock-down-three-point game, and learns to gamble less defensively, C.C. Cheek has a chance to be a novelty back-court prospect in New England's Class of 2016.

Justin Guerrette - 6'2 F - 2016 - Cape Elizabeth, ME - Maine Nation- High-IQ forward who guards the post on the defensive and then steps out to the perimeter on offense and spreads the floor with his knock-down three-point-shooting ability.  Guerrette will also crash down an finish around the basket and is a good passer who does a nice job of feeding the post. Hits the glass hard on both ends and willing to throw his body around in the paint.  As he further develops physically and adds to his game, Justin has the tools to play a role that is always in demand.

Jack Zimmerman - 5'8 G - 2016 - New Hampshire - Rivals - Compact catch and shoot artist who consistently deposits trey-ball checks at the ATM when he catches with his shoulders squared to the rim.  Understands how establish ball-movement offensively and does a nice job of facilitating for his teammates from the perimeter.  Should develop into a nice back-court prospect as time matriculated.  JZ will team with Jake Coleman and Caleb Green on the 3-guard attack for Mark Coleman's 2016 Rivals Squad this spring.