New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Charles Fisher - 6'0 PG - 2016 - Crafty operator who brings size and length to the point guard position.  One of the top ball-handlers and most dangerous dribble-drive attackers at the 75, Fisher flosses a shifty north/south attack in which he'll explosively, yet subtlety, alter the angle of his drive like an angry old man changing lanes on the high-way.  Finishes well at the basket and always carries a pocket full of dimes on his way to the candy shop.  Need a better look at his shooting-stroke and pull-up game, but as he continues to grow and learns to be more efficient with his yo yo handle, C-Fish has a chance to be a dazzling floor-general prospect.

Dante Jones - 5'8 PG - 2016 - East Hartford, CT - Springy back-court player with speed who employs the bounce as means of attacking the defense and getting to the dish, where he has the ability to finish in a variety of ways.  Has the twitchy-type quickness to be a migraine headache of an on-ball defender.  As he develops physically and improves his outside stroke, Dante is a 2016 operator with yellow-brick-road potential.

Ty Caldwell - 6'2 F - 2016 - Springfield, MA- Bruising forward who makes his presence known in the lane and finishes around the basket.  Physical defender and forceful hard-hat rebounder.  Ty will corral a board on the defensive end, flip a quick outlet, and then runs the trailer on the break like someone owes him money.   As his offensive game develops, Caldwell has the potential to develop into nice forward prospect.

Ryan Veguilla - 5'6 G - 2017 - Middleboro, MA - Mass Elite - Confident combo guard who plays crisp team ball and scores the rock in a variety of ways.  Dangerous long-range sniper who will also employ the bounce to attack the defense and get to the basket.  High IQ player who makes good decisions with the ball in his hands.  Still just a young cub physically, Veguilla has the tools, understanding of the game, and competitive fire to develop into a dangerous back-court player.  He may project as a point guard in the long run, so look for Ryan to tighten up his handle in the coming cycles with Mass Elite.

Vishvesh Kaul - 5'4 G - 2017 - Andover, MA - MABC - Hit and run combo guard who uses an efficient dribble attack to infiltrate the defense and create for a teammate or break down into his floater game in the lane.  Capable of playing either back-court spot, Kaul understands how to spread the floor and facilitate for his teammates.  Good decision maker with the ball in his hands and a pesky on-ball defender.  Still just a young lad physically, Kaul has the role playing ability to potentially develop into a solid combo or point guard in the Class of 2017.

Brandon Arnold - 5'10 PG - 2016 - - Magnetic conductor who uses an efficient handle and a high-level comprehension of the game to effectively lead his squad from the point guard position.  Terrific passer who understands how to use the weapons at his disposal from his cock-pit perch.  As he continues to grow physically and further develops his shooting stroke, Arnold is a 2016 point guard prospect we will definitely be hearing from.

Tauheed Harris - 5'3 PG - 2017 - Brockton, MA - Brockton Mavericks - Diminutive speed-merchant guard who makes plays all over the floor.  Pushes hard down the teeth of the court on the break and uses a stop and go flavor off the bounce to keep his defender in the half court.  Finishes around the basket and a ball-hawking defender.  Still just a pup, as he grows up, with his athleticism and skill-potential, Harris certainly has the potential to be a floor-general prospect in New England's 2017 Class.  Harris will roll with the Brockton Mavericks this spring.

Johnathan Makori -5'10 G - 2016 - Manchester, NH - Bishop Elite - Athletic scoring guard who attacks with the bounce from the short-wing, looking to take it to the rack or audible down into his rise-up pull up game.  Quick feet and a strong frame give J-Mak the tools to guard both back-court spots. Gets out in transition and looks for opportunities to finish at the basket.  As he grows, tightens his handle and extends his shooting range, Makori has the stuff to develop into a versatile 2016 back-court prospect.

Matt Glassman - 5'5 G - 2017 - Bedford, NH- Cerebral guard with a well-rounded back-court skill set and a deft understanding of the game.  A team player first and foremost, Glassman communicates with his teammates to space the floor and spread the defense. Has the tools to develop into a dangerous long-range shooter.  Still just a little leaguer in terms of his physical maturation, Matty Glass has the genes that lead to a 6'2ish hypothesis, which leads to the additional hypothesis that Glassman has the potential to develop into a strong commodity as a combination back-court prospect.

Matt Boggio - 5'11 G/F - 2016 - Hinsdale, NH- Skilled forward who moves well without the ball and looks to facilitate for his teammates.  Looks to make the extra pass and an efficient shooter from the mid-range.  As he matures physically and develops a more aggressive attitude, Boggio has the skills to potentially develop into the glue-guy that every team needs.

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