Mattos Earning Offers

New England Recruiting Report | Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Tayler Mattos 2018

The live period doesn't begin until July but that doesn't necessarily mean prospects have to wait until then to play in front of division I coaches.

The month of June is a big time for both elite camps and team camps run by various division I programs. It is different from the live periods because you're only playing in front of one coaching staff as opposed to potentially numerous ones at the same time but it can still be very beneficial.

No one has benefitted more this month than Kearsarge High School big man Tayler Mattos who has attended numerous camps with his WrightWay Skills club and earned a plethora of offers along the way.

In fact, Mattos has now earned four new division I offers in the last ten days. It began last week at BU when Mattos earned an offer while on the Terriers campus. Subsequent offers from Albany and Bryant both came mid-week and now, most recently, he landed an offer from Rider following their team camp on Saturday.

Mattos had a dominant junior year in the state of New Hampshire, putting up huge numbers while helping Kearsarge win the state championship, earning his first D1 offer from the University of New Hampshire in the process, and cracking the NERR rankings.

He joined WrightWay Skills and showed definite potential in April but now appears to really be hitting his stride just in time for July.

Below are some of his recent highlights.