Carroll Leaves Lasting Legacy at NMH

Monday, March 21st, 2022

Carroll Leaves Lasting Legacy at NMH

One week ago today, Northfield Mount Hermon head coach John Carroll announced that he would not be returning to NMH because of changes the school has planned for the basketball program. 

His departure marks the end of an era at NMH, a program that has gone to unprecedented heights under Carroll's leadership, not just for their success between the lines but in the classroom as well. 

Carroll branded the program the best combination of academics and athletics in the country...and backed up that designation year after year. 

They won NEPSAC championships in 2012, 2016, 2018, and 2019 and a National Prep Championship in 2013. In the last six years alone, they have won 182 games, played in 5 NEPSAC AAA games, 5 National Prep Championship Finals Fours, and 3 National Prep Championship title games.  

They're known for their culture, their offense, consistency, and academic excellence. 

NMH has also set the national standard in terms of Ivy League placement under Carroll's leadership, sending 45 student-athletes to the Ivy League in the last 15 years. Of course, numerous others went on to institutions like Stanford, North Carolina, Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Boston College, Davidson, Louisville, and Texas among other destinations. 

Last year, when college coaches weren't permitted to visit campus because of the pandemic, Carroll's program again proved to be ahead of the curve as they constructed a state-of-the-art outdoor basketball court on the school's campus, filmed every practice session, and created an unprecedented program database for college coaches featuring daily video, contact information and transcripts. As a result, every member of NMH's 2021 class successfully matriculated to places like Penn, Brown, Columbia, Emory, Chicago, and Cal Tech among others. 

In the seven days since Carroll announced his decision, the outpouring of support from parents, players, and admirers is consistent with the legacy that their coach leaves at his alma mater.