Academic Elite 75 - Top Underclassmen

New England Recruiting Report | Monday, March 16th, 2015

There were a limited number of underclassmen in attendance at the Elite 75 Academic Experience, but many of them proved they belonged. Here’s a look back at the best:

Darius Chester, St. Mary’s – The New York native came east to New England and made a good impression as a big, 6-foot-4 guard who showed flashes of a versatile skill set. He made plays off the bounce, both finished himself and found his teammates, and also stuck open jumpers from the perimeter.

Nick Casiano, Rocky Hill – He played well from start to finish, not just drilling quickly released threes and making plays in the open floor but also throwing a variety of nice drive-and-kick passes as well.

Akeil Shakoor, Northfield Mount Hermon 2018- One of the youngest prospects, Shakoor more than held his own, a difficult task for a young point guard. Shakoor is an outstanding driver and has great vision and ability to pass the ball. He is definitely one to watch over the next few years.

Nate Hobbs, St John’s Prep 2017- His Stephen Curry bright yellow and orange shoes weren’t the only thing that shined on Hobbs this Sunday. He has a bright future. Hobbs has a tight handle that allowed him to beat defenders and he shoots the ball well. He is definitely a prospect to watch over the next 2 years.

Dan Brocke, Hall High School 2017- One of the few big men on the day, Brocke has high-level post skills for a sophomore, showing a nice touch from mid-range and in paint. Brocke still has some maturing to do, but once he does, watch out.

Jackson Selvala, New Canaan – A big wing in the making, Selvala is already has great size on the perimeter at 6-foot-5 along with a natural feel for the game and idea of how to play within offensive structure.

Yanis Nyantenji, Bishop Guertin – Strong and athletic, even against players two and three years his elder, Nyantenji is a force around the rim who is gradually working to develop his perimeter skill.

Xahn Frater, Bishop Guertin – Another talented youngster at Bishop Guertin, Frater has similarly impressive physical attributes that he uses to attack the rim proficiently.

Skye Boykin, Nashua North – What he may have lacked in size or experience he made up for with his quickness, handle and playmaking ability as Boykin was consistently able to get into the lane and make plays for himself and others.

Matt Glassman, Lawrence Academy – Fit with a pretty shooting stroke from downtown, Glassman also showed a balanced floor game with the composure and vision to see the floor and make good passes under pressure.

Noah Less, St. John’s Shrewsbury – A heady guard with a good skill set, Less drilled open threes, passed the ball well and showed a good intellect for playing without it. Give him a chance to fill out physically and he’ll be a nice prospect.