#E75 Academic Experience - Guard Prospects

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

#E75 Academic Experience - Guard Prospects

Friday night’s Elite 75 Academic Experience was as good as advertised with 75 players from New England and New York having the opportunity to play in front of over 30 college coaches from academic institutions including the likes of Williams, NYU, Case Western, Middlebury, Trinity, Vassar, Hamilton, Colby, Brandeis, Connecticut College, WPI, Babson and numerous others. 

By the time it was all said and done, a number of players had managed to distinguish themselves. 

Here’s a look at some of the best guards in attendance. 

Top Prospects
Jackson Benigni, 6’2, 2020, G, Hamden Hall (CT) – Coming off a huge season at Hamden Hall, Benigni seems to have taken his game to new levels and is now a legit scholarship level guard. He’s a versatile scorer who can shoot it with range but is also a very clever lay-up maker using both hands and feet on either side of the rim. 

Spencer Aronson, 6’1, 2020, G, Catholic Memorial (MA) – Aronson was fantastic from start to finish on Friday night and stood out as one of the most dominant players in the field. He was shooting the ball at a very high-level, showing a high basketball I.Q. and also standing out with his competitiveness. 

Unsigned Seniors

Jay Turner, 6’2, 2019, G, Holy Cross (CT) – An unsigned senior with the potential to play multiple perimeter positions, Turner is a budding big guard with the length to play on the wing. He puts up big numbers this season, can attack in the open floor, but also has a solid feel for the game. 

Kyle Daniels, 5’11, 2019, G, Wilbur Cross (CT) – The unsigned senior was shooting it well from three, showing a good handle and even making his teammates better with his passing ability when he was playing within the flow of the game. 

Soon to be Seniors

Malachi Harris, 6’0, 2020, Beaver Country Day (MA) – The smooth southpaw guard did his best work off the bounce. Whether it was in the open floor, pick-and-roll, or just showing his ability to create his own shot in space, Harris was impressive and productive.

Andrew Lufkin, 6’1, 2020, G, Pomfret (CT) – Lufkin is skilled, knows how to play, and competes with a sense or urgency. He shoots it with range, is good with the ball, and has a high I.Q. but his motor was just as impressive as any part of his game. 

Colby Martins, 5’10, 2020, PG, Millbrook (NY) – Coming off a strong junior campaign at Millbrook, Martins continued to impress here. He’s a heady point guard who not only knows how to play and makes good decisions with the ball but also knocks down open shots. 

David Basich, 6’1, 2020, PG, Greens Farms Academy (CT) – Basich is a quick point guard with both an extra gear and some flair to his game. He handles and makes plays with creativity, has very good natural pace, is clever around the rim, and can really defend the ball. 

Quion Sneed, 6’1, 2020, G, Wilbraham & Monson (MA) – With a quick first-step and a tight handle, Sneed had no problem getting into the teeth of the defense and making plays. As he continues to develop his shot-making ability and finishing craft, his game will go to the next levels. 

Nate Slump, 6’2, 2020, G, Weston (MA) – Slump is a shooter with deep range and also a reliable decision-maker. He’s a good fit in offensive structure and just needs to keep developing his lateral quickness defensively and finishing ability at the rim. 

Will Rywolt, 5’11, 2020, G, Barrington (RI) – Rywolt has had a decorated career in the RIIL and already scored his 1000th career point. On Friday night, he showed off his shot-making ability and deep range along with a deceptively quick first step and the upper body strength to play through contact. 

Josh Ehikhamhen, 6’3, 2020, G, New Mission (MA) – The New Mission product is a big guard who is both quick and strong. He excels at driving the ball through contact and finishing at the rim. As he develops his shooting and passing skills, his attack will only become more versatile. 

Jonathan Hahami, 6’1, 2020, PG, Groton (MA) – A lot of players want to call themselves point guards, but Hahami actually plays the part. He’s unselfish, consistently willing to get others involved, and then able to make things happen with his dribble when necessary. 

Josh Jahnz, 5’8, 2020, PG, Lincoln (RI) – He may be undersized but Jahnz is quick off the bounce, a good passer, and able to finish at wide angles around the rim. The southpaw will need to continue to develop his jumper and shooting range to take his game to the next level. 

Brandon Weiss, 5’10, 2020, PG, Jericho (NY) – A New York native who made the trip from Long Island to Foxboro to impress the collection of academic coaches on hand, Weiss was most impressive with his ability to see the floor and make plays for his teammates.

Young Guns

Darien Gibson, 5’11, 2021, G, Wareham (MA) – A talented and multi-dimensional offensive player, Gibson showed good handles, a clean stroke, and the ability to score the ball and make plays at multiple levels. He stood out as one of the better 2021 prospects in attendance. 

Jake Bender, 6’3, 2021, G, LaSalle (RI) – The sophomore came and made an impression on Friday night. He’s a solid athlete who plays strong with the ball and defend. As he becomes more of a knockdown shooter his game will continue to go to new levels. 

Lucas Basich, 6’2, 2021, G/F, Staples (CT) – A good catch-and-shoot player who also passes it well, Basich saw varsity minutes this year as a sophomore and should be poised to take on a bigger role in the future as his individual playmaking and defense improve.

Nate Kane, 6’2, 2021, G, Nashua North (NH) – Kane is skilled and heady beyond his years and while he’s still just evolving physically and learning to play with older and more physically mature athletes, he stood out with his feel for the game and three-point shooting ability. 

Kalu Olu, 6’0, 2021, G, Tewksbury (MA) – Coming off an all-conference sophomore campaign at Tewksbury, Olu is a physically imposing guard who is both strong and athletic. He’s good on the ball, on both ends of the floor, and a consistent jumper away from taking his game to the next level. 

Darrel Yepdo, 6’0, 2022, G, Brooks (MA) – Maybe the youngest player in the field, you wouldn’t have known it from watching him play. Yepdo is quick and shifty with the ball, able to hold his own against older guys defensively, and working to expand his floor-spacing potential.