New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Monday, March 19th, 2012

New England Junior Elite 75 Showcase

Tyonne Malone - 6'4 G/F - 2016 - Rivals - Long, highly-athletic, 6'4 southpaw who slashes to the basket from the wing or short-corner and looks to attack the rim.  Yesterday, he had three or four lefty pull-back tomahawk dunks which sent the MPLEX into a frenzy.  Tyonne also has a nice shooting stroke, can handle the ball, and possesses a Stacey Augmon defensive tool-box.  Sky's the limit for this guy in terms of potential....Although he may play some 8th grade ball this spring, Malone will primarily be running with Andre Stewart's Rivals Freshmen Squad.

Matt Donahue - 6'0 G - 2016 - Stonington, CT - RI Hawks -Something I heard at least a half-dozen times yesterday:.."Matty could end up being the best player of the Donahue brothers.." A a heck of a statement considering Kevin, Sam, & Jackson...Matt is the premier long-range sniper in New England's Class of 2016.  Not only does he have a sweet stroke and the ultimate confidence in his craft, but he also possesses a Wild-West quick trigger release and is already launching the pill with a high release-point.  Efficient ball-handler, sees the floor poetically like his brothers.  Matt seems to have a longer frame than his older brothers...(would be interested in a Donahue-brother wing-span report.) As Matt gets stronger and becomes more dangerous off the dribble-drive, we could be in for a ride..  Matty D will suit up for Jay Elliots RI Hawks 2016 Squad this spring.

Matt Locke - 6'5 F - Rivers School -Hokinton, MA  Shooting Stars -After hearing rave reviews coming into the event, Locke was even more impressive than advertised during yesterday's session.  At 6'4/6'5 with an intriguing wing-span, Locke simply does it all from the forward position.   Nice shooting stroke with a lot of room left to smooth out mechanics.   Rebounds like an angry usher at Fenway.   Sprints rim to rim and already a threat to go up over the top of the defense for a dunk-shot.  High IQ, self-less, terrific passer, strong, physical defender who aggressively pursues shot-blocking opportunities.  Locke him up with Scott Leip's 2016 Shooting Stars Club for the spring.

Saul Phiri - 6'1 G - St Josephs School - Haverhill, MA - VBC - Another guy who arrived with a reputation and proceeded to back it up.  Very strong, highly-athletic, long scoring guard who attacks with an attitude off the bounce.  Once he gets into the paint, he'll effectively absorb contact from a defender before continuing on to his shot attempt.  But as Saul learns to initiate the contact, rather than absorb, he is going to be a guy who shot-blockers lose sleep over.  In addition to his dribble-drive game, Phiri has a nice stroke and can fill it up from deep or off the pull-up.  Going to be a treat to watch Phiri develop. Saul will run with Julian Taylor's 8th grade VBC ball-club this spring.

Ikenna Ngduba -5'8 PG - Boston Latin - Expressions Elite -Dynamic point guard with speed to burn, a tight handle and sorcerer's court-vision.  Pushes the ball up the floor at warp speed and then carves up the defense with his stop n' go flavor combined with the manner in which he explosively changes direction.. Ikenna flows with a pass-first mentality off the dribble-attack, but he'll also score the rock in the lane or check down into his pull-up game.  Knock down three point shooter who will be deadly from deep as he learns to tighten up his stroke and make it more compact.  Ike'll be the floor-general behind Sean Floyd's 2016 Expressions Squad.

Caleb Green - 5'8 PG - 2016 - Londonberry, NH - Mass Rivals - Fun n' run shot caller with speed and shake who pushes the ball up the floor like a general leading a brigade into battle. Caleb's eyes are always upalways up on the hard push; red-alert, constantly surveying the mathematical basketball equation in front of him.  Loves to penetrate and dish to a mate on the hard basket-cut or kick vto one of his re-locating shooters on the arc.  Green is also a point guard who can put points on the board; he finishes at the cup, scores it from the mid-range, and he employs a sweet shooting stroke from trey-ball land.  Passionate about the game, plays with joy.  As he develops physically and fine-tunes his skills and the execution of his visions, CG has star potential.

Brandon Hurst - 5'11 G - 2016 - Hartford, CT - Connecticut Elite - Strong, explosive, lengthy back-court player with elite speed who gets into the lane at will off the dribble-drive.  Bouncy athlete who explodes effortlessly off the ground whether attacking the basket, pursuing a rebound, or attempting to block a shot.  With his extended wing-span and blazing speed, Hurst has the tools to be a premier on-ball defender who causes fits for otherwise Alpha Guards.  As Hurst tightens his handle, learns to finish more consistently, & betters his understanding of the game, there is no telling where this story could lead.  Hurst has big-time athlete written all over him. Wonder if he plays football? Wide-Receiver/D-Back Stew.

Drew Hurynowicz - 5'11 G - 2016 - Tyngsborough, MA - Mass Rivals - High IQ guard who can flat out score the rock. One of the top shooters on the day, Drew has the smoothest of strokes and fills it up from deep.  Cold-blooded gun-slinger that reminds of Pat Bradley in that Drew always believes his next shot is going through the hole.  Still just a pup physically, as Drew develops and adds a dribble-drive game to go with his cash-cow knock-down stroke, his name will be house-hold sooner than later in the New England Grassroots Basketball World.  Ice-Box Drew will be running with Mark Coleman's 2016 Mass Rivals squad this spring.

Mike Nelson - 6'0 SG -2016 - North Attleboro, MA - Shooting Stars -One of the top, if not the top, true shooting guard at the 75, Nelson really does it all out on the court.  A terrific athlete with a lean frame and extended length, Nelson attacks the basket with a purpose from the wing to score the ball or find a teammate for a bunny.  Also has a nice shooting stroke, and will put te ball in to get the hole from all over the floor, (although I'm interested to get a closer look to get a better gauge of where his range is currently at.)  Runs the lanes hard in transition and with his strength and ability to play through contact, Nelson is always a candidate for a fast-break AND-ONE.  Defensively, Nelson can really guard out on the wing and has the potential to be a guy who can also cover the point.  Rebounds the heck out of the ball on both ends from the 2-spot.  As he continues to develop his handle, Nelson has the potential to develop into a high-level combo guard down the road, or if he keep growing, fuggetta bout...  Seems like a Danny Ainge-style Quarterback/Shooting Guard/Third Base type-guy.  M-Nelly will be rollinhe road with Scott Leip's 2016 Shooting Stars Club this spring.

Shawn Coles - 6'9 C - 2016 - Waterbury, CT - CT Elite - In terms of appearance, you wouldn't blink twice if I told you Shaun Coles was a younger brother of Jeremy Miller.  Towering, athletic, hard-working 6'8 puppy with a long frame, longer arms, and huge paws.  Legitimate 7'3+ wing-span potential. Quick feet and runs the floor with fluency from end to end.  In the very beginning stages of his development.  Given his physical tools, as his body matures and he learns how to play the game, there is no telling how good a player Coles could become.  On the hunt for Shawn's AAU plans for the spring.