Elite 75 - P.M. Recap

Ephraim McDowell | Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Elite 75 - P.M. Recap

Providence head coach Keno Davis, Fordham head coach Tom Pecora, Boston University head coach Pat Chambers, Penn head coach Jerome Allen, and New Hampshire head coach Bill Herrion joined numerous head coaches from the Northeast 10 Conference as well as assistants from Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, Boston College, and dozens of other division I schools for Friday's New England Elite 75 Showcase.  Here is a look at which players seized the moment. 

Top 5 Performances of the Afternoon Session

John Papale, Choate- Papale showed off the purest stroke at the event, nailing five threes in his opening game. He also finished strong on the break and made some excellent passes when defenders were flying at him.

Evan Cummins, Northfield Mt. Hermon- The big man stepped out and knocked down a couple shots from 18 feet and was also very active on the interior. He blocked shots, rebounded, and really ran the floor. The play of the game was a Cummins and-1 power dunk on the break off of a no-look pass from Phil Gaetano.

Brandon Sherrod, Choate- Sherrod was a monster, with five dunks in his first game. He clears out so much space for himself and has a great feel around the basket. The only word that accurately describes Sherrod is beast.

Jordan Laguerre, New Hampton- Laguerre did everything on the floor. He pushed the ball hard on the break, found teammates, hit shots from three, and had one rousing put-back dunk. Laguerre is an electrifying player when he has the ball in an up-and-down game.

Tommy Carpenter, Northfield Mt. Hermon- Carpenter showed his versatility, crashing the offensive boards, driving to the hoop, and making hustle plays. He is very difficult to stop when he puts the ball on the floor and tries to get to the rim. He also showcased his athleticism on an alley-oop dunk on the break.

Breakout Players

Zach Chionuma, Marianapolis- The guard is deadly from mid-range, and he gets by people with a very good hesitation move. His quickness and burst made him a tough cover for point guards this afternoon.

Ousmane Drame, Marianapolis- The big man is still raw, but getting more polished every day. No matter what, he can always be counted on to block shots and be disruptive defensively with his length.

Gabas Maldunas, Holderness- Maldunas continues his great play, coming off an excellent week at Hoop Mountain. He is so creative slashing and finishing at the basket.

Cornelius Tyson, Springfield Central- A great playmaker, Tyson consistently got into the paint to either kick out or finish with an array of floaters and pull-ups.

Dan Brooks, Kimball Union- Shooting the ball better and better, Brooks is becoming a much more complete guard. His best assets are still his strength and athleticism, but his ball skills are certainly evolving.

Others Who Impressed

Phil Gaetano, Choate- Made a few shots to go along with some pinpoint passes in transition.

Demitry Coronell, East Boston- Super athlete who made shots when defenders went underneath ball screens.

Imoh Silas, Holderness- Known for his rebounding, Silas is showing a very solid post game, with a number of different moves.

Freddie Wilson, Hillhouse- Pushing the ball non-stop, Wilson distributed the ball well in his afternoon game.

Kris Dunn, New London HS- A superb all-around guard who can score in bunches and also make plays for others.