2010 Rankings Released

NewEnglandRecruitingReport.com | Sunday, August 31st, 2008

2010 Rankings Released

Picking the top prospect in each class is always a difficult decision.  Often times there are several candidates who are all undoubted high-major players.  Making it more complicated is when these players play different positions, have different roles on their respective teams, and have rarely competed against each other head to head. 

All of that is true in this particular class, where the decision was one of the toughest we have ever had to make.  Nate Lubick, Jason Morris, and Gerard Coleman can all make a legitimate bid for the top spot, and as we told you yesterday when comparing national rankings, there is no consensus as to who is the best. 

Coleman is the best scorer of the group.  He proved that time and time again this summer as he seemed to play his best when the lights were on the brightest for his BABC squad.  Virtually no defender could stop the super smooth guard from putting the ball in the basket as he is as pure of a scorer as you will find in this region. 

Then there is Morris.  A 6’5” guard with an already built physique and absolutely explosive athleticism, he may have the highest upside of the group.  Add in a much improved jumper and handle and it is easy to see why many of the nation’s most prestigious college programs are recruiting the Hotchkiss product. 

Finally there is Lubick, the prototypical mismatch problem who can knock down the three-point shot or score around the basket with equal efficiency.  He is as good of a passer as you will see at the forward positions and a player who will find ways to score in any program in America because he sprints the floor on every possession and is a terrific offensive rebounder.  

While this race is as close as it gets in our book, we decided to go with the player we would pick if we had to win a game tomorrow and could only pick one player.  After lots of careful consideration, that guy is Lubick right at the moment.  He simply does a ton of things to help his team win games and in the end that’s what it is all about.  His value goes far beyond his ability to score, as he rebounds, passes, runs the court, plays with passion, and has a high basketball I.Q. 

So while this month’s rankings will begin with Lubick, Morris, Coleman – this debate is only just beginning.  If Morris can put together all of his talents and realize how to take games over like he is capable of doing then the top spot is likely to be his before too long.  Similarly, if Coleman can duplicate the individual and team success he had with BABC at the Tilton School next year, it will be hard to deny that much sheer dominance. 

Making this discussion all the more exciting for New England fans is the fact that these three players will have a chance to settle it on the court next year.  Tilton and St. Mark’s square off early in the season and Hotchkiss will face Tilton at the Hoop Hall Classic. 

We know we can’t wait to watch!

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